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  • ahaha! what you like, i don't think it'd work Lindsay, it's a ten hour flight & well i aint gettin' on no plane! lol.
    yup sure thing we'll just take it slow, like whenever you're up for playing etc. trust me it's alotta fun.
    ¡Buenos tardes! I send you a very nice pic of Lionel, he is a sweety! Saludos de Annett.
    Okay, it is not allowed to post pictures in the guest-books. I take this pic into the Messi-Thread! :wave:
    ¡Buenos días! Congratulation to win the Champions-League-Title! Yesterday I hoped so much for your team!
    Have a nice Sunday and saludos to California!
    Hallo XaviMessiGirl, yes - I know that! ;-) I only mean that Carles is a world best defender. How do you do? In which country do you live? I live in Germany. Here live also much people from Spain and spanish-speaking people from all over the world ----> from South America. You know, when we seen games between FC Barçelona and Real Madrid, we do it per Public Viewing in a Irish Pub. We can speak with german and spanish fans from both clubs. That's very good and for us a great event. So much greetings. ¡HALA MADRID!
    ¡Holá! Thank you for your friendship! And I am not a devil, I am only a Blanco-Freak, very lovely - I promised it!!!
    :) I like your defender Carles Puyol very much! He is playing in the false team - he should be change to Real Madrid and with Sergio Ramos in our defense - a dream for our team! Greetings from me. :snog:
    Can u add any thread in Caffe Catalonia,'cuz it's my birthday :$.

    I know that 89% of members don't know me,but I just want to have my thread,today in my special day.

    Delete this post when u will read.
    Hola, tnx for wb greeting, didn't wanna spam Woobie's bday thread so writing it here, have a nice day :)
    I know what you mean. If he doesn't want to play for Liverpool he should leave, but to Chelsea... that would be awful.
    Thanks for the message, will start looking into the site more. Hope you had a good festive season and happy new year
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