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    I wish the best for you :)
    Oh and just so you know, Cody Ross was my favorite Marlins player. I cannot believe that y'all have him now!!!! With that said, I'm glad he moved to a team that actually won something. He's a great player and a very happy fella. :D

    I hope that this site won't be changed to TorresForum, instead of BarcaForum! :D

    Seriously, I do wish you all the best.
    Fine, i wish him the best, but actually you must accept that he needs many things to be as good as Leo or other big players :D !
    Got it, thanx. Seen that forum previously and wasn't impressed. Do you find renaming the "other leagues" forum convenient?
    Hahahahahah when I got the e-mail from your friend request I was like, "another infraction, ALREADY?!?!"
    Hey girl, lots of life changing things going on here. Have to reevaluate my online time along with other things. I'm trying to keep up with some of the threads even though I haven't been posting. I've missed all of the preseason games as well!! I'll be around when I can. I mean, who else is going to keep the "Men's" thread current with Zlatan pics??? :D
    fingers crossed!
    btw, u gotta intro urself in my forum so I can give u access to the sections...
    barcafc, who's villafan there, already posted her hello!
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