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  • I wanted to reply to your PM, but I'm unable to do so. Why?

    And the color here is hurting my eyes. Switch to something more pleasant. :p
    Tbh I can't remember my setting exactly but it seems a bit too much "grana" :p
    And yeah, I don't think it's been taken down but would like to know if that was the case. Could even have been that there's been a limit on image sizes or something. Anyway I'll deal with it tomorrow, thanks :)
    Yeah, nothing else to do I guess :p

    Do you know what happened to my profile btw? Afaik there's no rules against pics on them, so could be that the picture has expired so it's disappeared that way.
    The funny thing is I don't even think Smile is trolling deliberately :lol:

    Just very delusional and childish
    Hey do you think we should open chat? I don't wanna keep an eye on it during the game and I'm pretty sure it will be flame wars after at least 45mins.
    I went to Florida at the age of 10 & 16 with all the family which were both great holidays & yeah Vegas but being older i could go off & do my own thing, i have plenty of savings but i think i'm going to head over to Australia next year.

    Now that is a long flight, 24 hours! you been anywhere else?
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