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  • Welcome back, I've missed you! I've taken a break from study and have been working a lot in a stable with breaking horses and stuff, but will go back to school next autumn probably :) What about you? Still very busy?
    Hey there,

    sorry for replying so late. Unfortunately I had to cancel my Barca trip due to lots of work, preparation for studies and all that. Really sad about that, but I'll have to go another time. Well, I wouldn't have liked to see the defeat against Alicante anyway :-D

    I live almost exactly between Frankfurt and Köln :) it looks like you've been around my area quite often already!
    Unfortunately I haven't been around yours, though...I didn't get around as much as I would have liked so far :-(

    Best regards!
    P: if you feel like scrolling some of the things I have on my youtube, feel free - should have around 460 vids favourited there:
    Haha, yeah, I know how you feel. It's getting colder here in Germany as well, and I feel like the summer's already over before it really started.

    Yeah, definitely looking forward to my Barca trip...just ten days from today =)

    thanks for accepting my friend request =)
    I've been doing fine, thanks, and you?
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