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  • Hey! Was wondering who the woman on you profile picture was, she looks awfully familiar, is she Indian?
    What are you talking about FCBARCA?

    It's not really a surprise that I support both France and Italy (the only national teams I support) since I am mostly of French and Italian origin. That has been the case since the first day I joined this forum. I am surprised that you are surprised by this fact. It was the same case during the last World Cup were both France and Italy flopped horribly.

    You did not see me supporting any other team(s) at that time, unlike many others here. I mean half of the users here support Spain, including yourself if I am not mistaken, despite not having any relation to Spain or even speaking Spanish.
    I've been following Roy for nearly a decade...I'm familiar with her work, particularly in India...I understand she polarizes Desis but that does not mean she is wrong
    I see. I am sorry but maybe there are certain things you don't know about A.Roy . She's all up for humanity and all that but when it comes to barbarity against common people of India or the forces ... she never says a word. Tries to rationalize the terrorist groups and give them the names of 'freedom fighters ' or 'separatist democratic movement'. that's not even the real story about her.do some research...
    hey...my inbox is full..
    anyways, do they sell flags at the nike shop over there?
    which website do u buy barca stuffs from on9?
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