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  • Whatever you say big man. Stop spamming my profile with your pathetic arguments.
    You first say I'm pathetic for calling people names over the internet, and then proceed to call me the idiot? You also insult me for getting upset when my football team lose, but you're clearly upset by what someone you didn't know had to say over the internet? Clearly you're lacking something. I suggest you stop embarrassing yourself, I'm not wasting time with this petty tit for tat again.
    Get over yourself. I was upset after the game, surely you were also? Grow up, sending me bitter pm's is pathetic.
    1. Even if you have been following barcelona longer than me, that doesn't mean you know anything about football.
    For the record I've been supporting barcelona since the 90s.
    what the hell man, you're out for a few months now. Time to come back! Tots untis fem forza and all that ;)
    Hahaha oh shit, I go there too!
    You dont happen to go to Uni in Stoke do you....?
    Hey man, good to see you back. All that drama from a few months back has died down, you should definitely start posting more. You're a good contributor!
    Thanks for your nice words Stock, being here take my mind from my recent loss

    Neither do i nor did i pull such stunt before but the last couple of weeks some of the members were very arrogant and turning to wind up merchants , it's normal to payback when the right time comes .
    i like talking with rival fans and exchange views but i expect the same respect i show to cule's around here , if they will turn to kids game and gloating well the season is long as we saw tofay
    Thanks for your nice words mate, pleasure is all mine having constructive discussions with cule's
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