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  • Strootman's goal was so amazing :O

    Finland held on well though. They fought well.
    I dunno... but I do not care either because we are knocked out for that tournament while we were better in the playoffs.... ah well that's a learning moments for the lads too I guess :)

    Wow.... does he even speak Finnish? lol.

    Hahahaha is there a limit? I sent like 1000 visitors messages to other persons on other forum and it was never full? I thought VM's could never be full?
    It was so humiliating for them, especially when we kept possession near THEIR corner flag by giving overhead passes to each other with 3 wild germans running in between... The Germans were SO ANGRY after the match because of the humilation xD But I came 100 times hahaha(not literally)

    Haha it was a super final race in the Eredivisie :) Twente disappointed me.... usually they are so much better than Ajax but they just had a off-day in the decisive game, such a waste. But now Ajax is going to spend money on talents this summer and players like Theo Janssen so I can see them becoming a Dutch powerhouse in the CL/Europa League next year if players like Stekelenburg and Van der Wiel stay.

    Just imagine:
    Vd Wiel - Vertonghen - Mathijsen - Boilesen
    De Zeeuw - Eriksen - Janssen
    Sulejmani - (De Jong/New Striker/El hamdaoui) - Ebecilio/özbiliz

    Epic xD

    Yeah I am doing better than I used to, fine is maybe too big a word to use but I am doing ok and better. haha. Thanks.
    Don't worry :)

    That's nice.... talking about champions. The Netherlands under 17 team became European champions under 17 last week. We cruised through the tournament in dominating style and finished it off by DEMOLISHING our arch-rivals Germany 5-2 in the final. We totally destroyed them. Their only 2 goals were a lucky breakthrough and a long-range effort. But GOD we were so great. They played so good. Ticking the bar around and repeatedly creating space and playing backheel passes etc. The first goal was so great, magnificent passing, which ended with our striker Achahbar giving a backheel pass to Ebecilio to finish it off.
    And further into that match we TEASED AND HUMILIATED THE GERMANS xD.... Our boys just stood there with the ball... teasing the Germans to come and get it, and when they came they tika-taka'd it around and kept possession for loooong xD
    How are thing in Finland?

    You saw how Ajax became champions? The new Barça-inspired methods of De Boer are already working :)
    WHAT? The 79 year old Litmanen changes club again? LMAO! Legend! xD

    Nooooo. We are calm as always haha. The only thing is the war at Ajax, with Cruijff seeking control to turn Ajax into a Barça-style club with beautiful football and a great academy.

    Thank god not. I totally ignored it and went to websites who were super-annoyed too and refused to write anything about it. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the mass-hysteria for 2 totally irrelevant people from a family I dislike from a country totally irrelevant to me. I couldn't care less. + I hate fashion so that made me haaaateeee too.
    It's the last match, but Van Marwijk will still play with the full 11 haha. I'd love to see Toornstra and Ebecilio/Narsingh playing against you, they are a amazing. I also want the naturalisaiton of Douglas

    Why did they face suspension? Bankruptcy? the Bribery?

    OMG! The Finnish crowd should lynch the bastards!
    It's personal too but I just don't want to talk about it for my own sake tbqh.

    It was nice haha. I was there with school and we had nice times eating together, drinking ouzo together in the evenings, and visiting all the great sites like the Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia etc. I also saw the Olympiakos stadium, I passed by there :) It was just after they clinched the title.

    I have not been on much for the personal reasons mostly, but also because I was away of course.

    Why controversy? Already too scared to face Oranje? ;) xD hahaha joking.

    Well I don't really want to talk about it. I am sorry.

    Focusing 100% on Barça-Real now and been to Greece for 1 week 2 weeks ago :)

    How's yours?
    Oh ok. Well I basically got banned for posting a gif while I didn't do so. lol.
    Lol. I was not on here for some time so.... have the mods talked about it in public?

    What a coach! If you still had him we'd be roasted in Helsinki for sure! (And that is hard because it's so cold there)

    If I was Perez I'd force Benzema to wear that Nazi Cap and the moustache during every game LMAO
    En ehtinyt nähdä tota lähettämääsi kun nyt vasta. Siinähän se, suvereenia hallintaa. :D Toivoisin ManUa tai Chelseaa vastaan seuraavaks..
    Yeah maybe but I did not mean to insult.... I apologized too. People have to understand I am passionate lol. I am not a bad guy.
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