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What better day to start this thread?


Liga Adelante stands before Madrid youth with Toril guiding them ahead. They should reach at least some competitive position.

Some of the information as to the squad for this day and season here for you. I have labelled the most notable players for you, but that doesn't mean the other prospects are not worth any attention in the future.

That is without Morata and Jesus Fernandez who have been put on the list for Madrid A Team for this season.

Coach Alberto Toril also needs his own attention. It's his influence that made the youngsters from Castilla make Segunda after two impressive years in charge.


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Good game from Mosquera, Jese and Cherysev tonight. Took it upon themselves to take control over the mini-classic and the attackers took their chances perfectly.


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Nice thread Wolfe.
Big question is: How likely it is for Mou to have patience with those kids?

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These kids should leave for other clubs ASAP, they have a bright future away from Real Madrid.

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Big question is: How likely it is for Mou to have patience with those kids?

Doubt any of them will be coached by him for too long. It'd take a whole load of skill, understanding and dedication to his training for them to be any useful on the current roster.


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Nice thread Wolfe.
Big question is: How likely it is for Mou to have patience with those kids?

Well you have to look @Callejon... truth is if there is a talent it will prevail no matter what..

Nobody expected Callejon to play that much but he did...sadly due to bad management we missed the previous generation which also reached the second division
when you look @ the names of Juan Mata,Juanfran,Granero,Negredo,Soldado , Javi Garcia, Diego Lopez etc .. and you wonder why they didn't make it despite having the talent

I think Perez in particular learned it the hard way and Kudos for him for staying away from the first team and hiring Toril who mastered this team and reached the second division with them
the team that qualified to second division most of them left to first division experience , few remained and the team had reinforcement from the C team especially when you look at the promising stars in the team like Raul , Jese & Alex all coming from the C team ...
Let's see how they pan out .. Jose has Morata with him this season and he can't play more than the usual 5 games or else he can't represent Castilla anymore


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To be fair, the team is very short this season. So I do not know, they might feature but Jose moves slowly with youngsters and then he bounces. We have 22 players on the team, 19 outfield players including Kaka and Carvalho.

GK: Casillas, Adan, Jesus (3)
RB: Arbeloa, Lass (2)
CB: Ramos, Varane, Albiol, Pepe, Carvalho (5)
LB: Marcelo, Coentrao (2)
DM: Khedira, Xabi, Granero (3)
CM: Ozil, Kaka (2)
LW: Ronaldo (1)
RW: Di Maria, Callejon (2)
FW: Benzema, Higuain (2)

Bolded players are ones who do not feature in Mourinho's plans.

Our problem is that we always buy players that take the place of our brightest players in our youth teams. Supposedly Morata (Kaka replacement, poster pretty boy) and Jese are the most talented and have the highest competition in the squad in Ronaldo, Higuain, and Benzema. But Beast is right, if you prove enough 'loyalty' to Mourinho and agree to be his pet, you will get games, not to mention to have talent. Granero and Callejon have both been his favorite players and have been featuring in his side, managed to escape the transfer window.

I am going to be pessimistic though and not expect anyone to be promoted in a CL hunting season and to avoid wishful thinking, I'd be happy with seeing, say, Jese get 15 games this season. No hope for Morata though anything can happen.


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congratz on winning against first team boys
yesterday you owned Barca B now Madrid team


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Whatever happened to that Palanca guy, he showed some talent in a Clasico a couple years ago... Was it just a lucky day for him and he really wasn't that good?

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Gutsy performance is never enough. He's at Elche. RM have a buyout clause till this transfer window ends.

El Gato

Today a game vs Almeria at 9 pm GMT. Toril will be able to field Morata and Jesus from the first team.

HT with Almeria leading 1-0. Poor showing from the playmakers this time.
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Casado interviewd by Realmadrid TV:
Jorge Casado is playing his third season at Real Madrid Castilla and this week was the star of Realmadrid TV’s show 'La Fábrica' (The Factory) where he spoke about his passage through the club, about his team’s and his development, as well as special moments in his footballing career. As a permanent fixture and left-back in Toril’s team that stands out not only for his quality in defence but also for his attacking capability. "As a footballer I've grown a lot. Toril has given me a lot of confidence from the start, he has given the freedom to get forward and has helped me to defend better" said the Whites’ defender.

Castilla’s second victory at the Alfredo Di Stéfano, a stadium that has become impenetrable to their rivals since last December as Casado put it: "It’s not only this season, last year only lost once, against Oviedo. This campaign we’ve had two wins against Barcelona B and Xerez and this weekend we’ve got Sabadell and we hope to continue the good form, both at home and away". Three more points against a direct rival who are a place behind the Whites: "We were focused for this match from the first moment and although at first we were a bit lost, we managed to come back and get the win".

A match that was once again attended by Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez always goes to the Alfredo Di Stéfano to see the development of the Whites’ subsidiary when he is able to: "Whenever he can he comes and he always available for everything. He came down to see us and congratulate us like he normally does. We think that it is a nice touch that helps us a lot and we are thankful that he comes because we feel like he and the rest of the board that come to see us really look after us" said the left back.

Morata, Jesé and Borja García were the orchestrators of Castilla’s come back against Xerez. Casado had a few words about his new teammate, the recent arrival to the squad, Borja García: "I know him very well because of the three seasons that we spent together at Rayo Vallecano and apart from being teammates, we're friends. He is a very smart player." Another teammate that he mentioned by name was Jota, the latest addition of from Celta’s B team: "He’s a great guy, a great teammate and on the field he has an immense talent to play between the lines or on the wings that will be useful for the team. He is a great signing."

Casado is starting his third year in a renewed Castilla side that this year will play in at a different level, the Second Division, but the Whites’ player says that their style of play remains the same: "The philosophy is still the same. We will carry on playing the ball out from the back. The intensity is higher, the level of football is higher level and the ball is moved around faster, but you have to realise that this is professional football. The only criticism that you could make is that we need to make more from the good play because it could cost us in the future". It is not only the team that has changed since his arrival from the club from Rayo Vallecano, Casado is aware that "I've grown a lot as a player. I have to thank all the coaches I've had and what they have done to help me to improve. Toril has given me a lot of confidence from the start, he has given me the freedom to get forward and has helped me to defend better."

A player who has been able to fulfil the dream of every academy player: play with the first team. He made his debut in the second leg against Ponferradina in the Copa del Rey. It was a special day "I have to thank Mourinho for showing confidence in me as he did when I was with the first team during the pre-season in Los Angeles. It was a dream to play at the Santiago Bernabéu. I'll never forget it." Another moment he will never forget is the promotion that he won with Castilla last season to the second tier of Spanish football: "It was special because it meant reaching professional football and because it was with Real Madrid, who have been my team since I was little. It was a very happy moment for me, especially with this group of teammates and I will never forget it" he concluded.


Castilla stage a great comeback to win 2 - 4 against Hercules at the Rico Perez.

They're still inexperienced, but the progress is good. The future looks bright for them.

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