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  • Hopefully this squad improves, I believe that probably only RVP and Sneijder will be top players at the time of the WC. VdV and Robben are on the downturn, already decreasing in form and overall performance. I hope Strootman improves, he is an amazing player. Still, improvement in confined spaces is crucial if he wants to go to Premier League or another top competition. But the fact that he is 3rd captain already behind Sneijder and Kuijt (don't ask me why he is still involved with the Dutch NT... I have really no clue) tells a lot about his potential.
    Maybe a bit out of form, but mostly his competitor Daley Blind from Ajax had a great spell of form lately. He will now play with U21, will make his debut there probably. Willems is in my opinion one of the brightest talents we have. Still only 18, only 17 at time of the EC2012, and physically improving a lot. Technically very sounds, but defensively still prone to errors. Would do him good if he stays for a year or 3/4 at PSV and play 150+- matches until he leaves.

    Standout players this season have been:

    Forwards: Bony, Pelle, Finnbogason, Boetius
    Midfielders: Maher, Strootman, Tadic, Clasie, Vilhena
    Defenders: Alderweireld, Kalas, Van Der Hoorn, Willems, Blind, Van Rhijn
    GK: Velthuizen, Vermeer, Zoet
    faggot miti challenging u to come to group.

    also we are having a NO FAP WEEK , u in?

    so far miti has won both the ones we had: me coming 2nd in both. not this time not again
    No clue what happened to it, did anything else about it change other than the background pic being gone? I would think if a mod deleted it that they would inform you so I doubt that was the case, might want to try a different background just in case though.
    hahah yeah I'm pretty sure he actually believes what he's saying, doesn't change the fact that he was still derailing threads & started insulting people who called him out on his garbage. I was nice to him for a while trying to explain why people didn't like his posts but it was useless.
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