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  • May I congratulate you on having the most epic avatar in the history of Barcaforum?
    I didn't have prior knowledge about the Darfur-crisis. Thanks for that man
    And you have explained how I couldn't have addressed any more wrong
    Hey beast,

    From our previous conversations, I think you should check out the thead i made in the caffe catalunya where I talk about my trip to help flood victims in pakistan. I think you'll find it interesting.

    Hope you're well!
    Very sorry to hear of your loss mate, hope your bearing up well. My condolences.

    I agree, if you dish it out, gotta take it back and life has a funny way of always pulling the rug from under arrogant or gloating people! Stick in mate and glad to see you back on the forum
    Lol, have to laugh at some of the posts in today's Real Madrid match thread mate. Today has proved why i dont like gloating cos it has a nasty habit of coming back to bite you on the arse! Every dog has its day, hopefully our one will be laughing at the end. Hope your ok mate and had a good break, forum not been the same without you
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