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  • I'll only need him till the end of the season. Then I'll look into making any purchases. Thanks a lot Deco :)
    No, Lombaerts is mostly for depth. I could loan him to you I guess, but would prefer to sell him. Spoke to giantkiller about him, but dont think there'll be a deal w/ him now anyway, so I'd be fine with a loan for now atleast.
    A loan deal could be possible, and easier to do since both the players are valuable to me due to their ability to cover several positions (I have no other alternatives for RB, for example). A permanent deal could be difficult since Cazorla is one of the few players you have that really interest me, with most of your other top players being madridistas and one Totti. Lavezzi would be the one other player I'd be interested in.

    Another option could be you buying a 89-rated cb/lb (Lombaerts for example).
    I'll look at a possible Arbeloa deal tomorrow :)

    But I'd need a good offer since he's so useful, he's my first backup for two positions + I fear Cashley might get a ratings drop
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