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Oh, that would be approximately 21.

The starters in the match against Hercules were:
Jesus Fernandez 24
Fabinho 18
Alex Fernandez 19
Borja Garcia 21
David Mateos 25
Denis Cheryshev 21
Jese Rodriguez 19
Jorge Casado 23
Alvaro Morata 19
Nacho Fernandez 22
David Mosquera 24
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That Fabinho dude, we didn't buy him just loaned him from Brazil right? How is he doing? Should Arebloa be worried?


Yes, loaned, but from Portugal. The same club Coentrao started his career with.

And he's still too young. I need to watch more Castilla matches before I can form a definite opinion, though. Basically we got him to replace Carvajal, so settling with Castilla is the priority for now. By the time he becomes first team material Arbeloa would be on the wrong side of 30 so Fabinho wouldn't be his only worry.
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Real Madrid Castilla star player Jese Rodriguez got a red card for kicking and spitting on an opponent. Classy.

Even their youth players are animals. Well done Jese, you really made Castilla Academy proud.
He's really got potential to be in Jose's team then.
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Tomorrows Marca:

Jese unfairly sent off for Castilla as the villarato strikes Real Madrid yet again! The club will appeal (and win).

In other news: Jese promoted to the first team, as Mourinho claims he has that special Real Madrid spirit.


Special 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
"El espiritu de Juanito"... [the spirit of Juanito]

Pepe must be proud

Let's remember what "Espírito de Juanito" means:


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