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  • I think this might mean I'll have to go for Godin in order to get a decent defence... or just alvaro dominguez
    Haha, no it wasn't that :)
    I didn't want to go for Godin since there was 2 bids on him already, so therefore I checked Miranda. Thought it was Azzido. I never thought you'd bid on him ahead of Godin :amazed:
    I thought josh was catania so I accidentally made bids for some of your players... since I know josh only pays small sums
    It definitely has. Should be done with it by next wed, so it's all good but my problem is that I could easily turn the whole dissertation into a PhD. It riles me up to no end that I have limited amount of words; going on 13100 at the moment, with 2.4k left. NEED MOAR LENGTH!
    yeah man... no one is active there... last i saw cabbage there .... nothing more. make a new one :D
    yo doomboy ... we need to reopen our epic msn chat group with new members like azzidodagay :lol:
    They actually look pretty similar, and reckoned it could have been him too. Shouldn't have posted so quickly, but thought it was some sort of twisted joke.:(
    I'll go hide under a rock now :ninja_hide:
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