Luis Enrique


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I really hope he'll do well at Roma. It would be a stunning achievement if he wins Serie A in his first season and I think that Lucho is capable of doing it.


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Great decision from Lucho to experience Calcio. pep picked up some tricks of the trade there


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this could be a really positive move for Lucho and Barca...

we could loan/sell (with a buy back option) some players to him who could gain vital first team experience in Serie A...


Really surprising Roma went with Lucho, very random choice to be fair given the other candidates out there and Lucho's lack of experience. I hope he has a knack for it straight away just like Pep, it'd be brilliant for him and he'd become a perfect successor for Pep as well.


Part of it may be the new American owners wanting to put a fresh face on things. It'll be very interesting to see how this experiment turns out.


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needs to buy some CB's. Roma's are pants, and they force the team to defend too deep.

being able to play a high-line is crucial to a flowing attacking game.


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Mate, it's Slovan Bratislava after all. You can't be shit enough to lose from this team in a play-off game. But yeah, if they somehow don't continue in the tournament, I see him in some serious trouble. Especially with a new owner, who doesn't lack ambition at all.

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