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  • There are so many proofs meta . Its sad that we dont have much people here from Spain to understand exactly what really is going on . But trust me , there are millions of proof of madrid favoritism .
    Meta.... give major props to you. I enjoy seeing passionate people like you defending their own colours, whether it be our forum guys defending Barca, or Beast and Raed defending theirs.

    Anyways I find it unfair that we treat Busquets for what he did because the media blew up on it. He has been doing that for much of the season, Messi does it too, superstars like Gerrard and Ronaldo are known for it. Its a ugly side of the game, but at least at Barca we have beautiful football to counter it.

    I think lots of people are just angry at Busquets because he is the scapegoat as Tony Montana said :)
    Would you care to call me an idiot again to my face? Didn't think so. So shut the fuck up. If you're going to keep on being a prick then fuck off to another forum that caters for pricks and you will feel at home.
    Pleasure to watch last night mate.
    the right things done for the right reasons is never a reason to complain,and though i'll probably make teeny tiny arguments about ifs buts and maybes,taint no doubt that the better (by miles on the night) team got what it deserved.
    hope you've got a bad head this morning,in a good way obviously..a treble is something historical to behold,and probably not what you envisaged in your wildest dreams at the start of the season,but from pep to pique they've been brilliant and totally deserving of anything they've achieved.
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