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Shouldn't this thread be in Barcelona B & La Masia or General FC Barcelona talk?

Anyway, I wonder where he's going.


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Marca are saying Lucho will become the next manager of Atletico...Perhaps the derbies in Madrid will be a bit more competitive going forward, should this happen?


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Good move that Lucho won't end up at Patetico, tbh...Twitter reporting that it will be announced after the CL Final that he'll become the manager of AS Roma


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It was always Roma the only italian club I feel something nice about. Now I have another reason for that :D


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Good for Roma I suppose.... He brought out the best of our strikers. May be he'll do the same for Menez & Vucinic, if at all they still stay there next season.

Also I think he'll probably be ready, managing the elite ones, in case we have to prepare for post-Guardiola era


hopeful he will sign 1 year deal. and then come back in 2012/2013 as first team coach if Pep leaves


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I don't want Lucho managing us. he's not a Cruyffist.

however him managing Roma is downright sexy. TOTTI AND LUCHO. HELLS YES.


Inetersting how a newly ambitious club like Roma decide to trust on an inexperienced young coach like Luis Enrique.
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