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throwing kids to the lions would either shatter their confidence or boost it sky-high, so much so they would start over estimating themselves... they could think like this, "man I got a call into the first team coz I'm good. It so happened that I fcuked up against the biggies but c'mon man it's not my fault! the stupid manager didn't ease me in well!!"

It's rough method of teaching. It's like throwing your baby to the water to teach swimming, either he swims or chokes. Believe me only very few players can survive in this way. I don't think that players are gonna blame themselves, because some players like Deulofeu, Rafinha made it in Segunda and now Dongou must be thinking that he can't make it instead of blaming Eusebio. Jumping from Juvenil to Segunda is a big step, even playing for the first team is easier, because all your mistakes are covered by seniors. While in Barcelona B our talents became key player immediately thus for every loss they'll blame themselves as not capable.
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Incredibly significant win today, goals from Espinosa and Bedia (his was quite nice) and 2 assists from Dongou, plus a great showing from Samper.


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So apparently Sanabria will not renew his contract and prob leave in January or in the summer due to lack of playing time.


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Should be in the Juvenil A thread as Sanabria is not officially a B player...Plus, this is not yet confirmed despite Wenger et al ready to poach...And were he to leave, it would not be due to a lack of playing time


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There's almost a deal on the renewals of B players Frank Bagnack (18) and Jean Marie Dongou (18). 4 years. Buyout: 12M, if promoted 35M [md]


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How Eusebio went into the season with just Gomez, Ie and Bagnack at CB is just beyond me.

Now he has to play Ilie in the defense. The same Ilie who is responsible for roughly half of the goals conceded

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