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How Eusebio went into the season with just Gomez, Ie and Bagnack at CB is just beyond me.

Now he has to play Ilie in the defense. The same Ilie who is responsible for roughly half of the goals conceded
Eusebio should have signed Davis Luiz or Thiago Silva.


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Dongou called up for Barça B again, Adama not part of the squad. I assume he's going to be in the first team for the game against Athletic again.

Full squad against Córdoba (tomorrow 18:00 CET) Bañuz, Ortolá, S.Gómez, Patric, Planas, Ilie, Joan A. Román, Dongou, Espinosa, Babunski, Bagnack, Samper, Pol Calvet, Nieto, Lucas, Edu Bedia, Tonny Sanabria y Sandro Ramírez.


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Cordoba - Barcelona B 1-2

Gol de Nieto


Gol de Cordoba


Gol de Espinosa



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Watched spells of this game yesterday and they always looked to pass the ball and play the right way.

They look what they are - a very young team who are finding their feet at this level.

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Luis Alberto (Liverpool): "The confidence Eusebio gave me last season helped me a lot. He gave me a chance after a difficult year."

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