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Apparently we're about to snatch to 18 year olds from Sporting Lisbon for the B-team; Agostinho Cá and Edgar Lé. Any locals in here who know something about them?

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Manchester City have spent a lot of unoticed effort on their youth system over the past few years. Ahead of the academy campus plans near the Etihad, they have been bringing in young overseas talents to match more local youngsters, something many top clubs now do throughout Europe.

The now Premier League champions signed midfielder Joan Angel Roman from Espanyol in 2009 on the recommendation of Pablo Zabaleta. Joan Angel hasn't had any real opportunity to show what he can do at Manchester City.

He trains with City's Elite Development Squad and on a couple of occasions where he's been due to be a member of the set-up for Carling Cup matches, incidents have happened which pulled him back from it. City were said to have been unhappy that he revealed team news via his Twitter on one of the occasions.

The 19 year old's experience at City amounts to sitting on the bench against Sporting Lisbon in the Europa League. Rumours of Barcelona interest have been building and Catalan newspaper Sport now says a deal is close to take the youngster back to Spain.

He played against Barcelona in the Next Generation Series last season as Manchester City lost 4-1 but did enough to make those in charge of Barca B take a closer look. The La Liga side have the benefit of having a reserve team which plays in the division below them. Youngsters are able to get football at a much higher standard to the reserve league in this country and this helps the club bring through players.

He is close to sign for Barca


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Official: Bolton Wanderers have confirmed they will play a friendly against Barcelona B on Friday 10 August at 9pm at their Reebok stadium



Wenger doesn't know yet where Bellerin and Toral will play in 5 years after he's finished developing them. He'll be surprised. :pep:


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I'm not convinced that Toral will make it for Arsenal to be honest, let alone Barca.


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According to the Spanish media, Barcelona have come to an agreement with Sporting (Lisbon) about the transfers of Edgar Ie and Agostinho Ca. Very good news!!


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Ya I heard about it too...
Spanish reports say they will be Signing contracts Next week after Portugal's U 19 Euros Participation...

Since they got eliminated... It can Happen this Week itself....


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Carvajal, Castillia's RB and one of the most talented canteranos madridistas, was sold to Bayer Leverkusen for 5 million euros and with a buy-back option of 6,5M in the first year, 7M in the second and 8M in the third. And all this for someone who never played in Segunda A, unlike Romeu..in the meantime we let a talented player like Edu Campabadal leave for free and now we have to buy CBs for Barca B. :shakeshead:
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Yeah, I couldn't believe how they could get a better deal out of it than us, with an untested player...

Transfer updates, Barca B:

- David Rodríguez Lombán. 25 year old CB from Xerez. Free transfer.

- Oriol Rosell. CB, same age as Muniesa and Gomez. Only played 200~ minutes last season. Contract rescinded (free).
- Carmona, 25~ year old midfielder. Contract rescinded (free).

Only includes the players that have left or joined during the last days.

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Here's a pic from the first training session, with all the players that advanced from last years Juvenil A (except Grimaldo) and new signing Juan Angel Roman.


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"Paolo Rodriguez, agent of Sporting DM Agostinho Ca, who is to sign for Barca B shortly, has threatened to sue the player if he joins FCB."
"Paolo Rodriguez claims he had an agreement with Inter for Agostinho, but the player rejected it, and had a deal with Barca via other agents."
"Thus, Paolo Rodriguez who claims to be the sole agent of Agostinho Ca, says he will sue the player for 1M, if he joins Barca B. [via sport]"

What I don't understand is why the agent would sue if Sporting and the player didn't want to make a deal with Inter.

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I don't really get it either, but it could I'm not sure if you're allowed more than 1 agent... Maybe he considers himself the player's agent and feels the other agent has used his client unrightfully

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