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I don't think he is, hba. But maybe I am completely wrong and should actually be rating coloccini.


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I understand the age point and also there is the fact that Luiz is relatively new to English football, but I am yet to see him have a good defensive performance since he arrived. Infact, most of his performances have been an absolute shambles. He's a great 'footballer' and is very entertaining to watch, but he looks completely incapable of defending.


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He has put in a handful of good defensive perfomances, but nothing special that would make you think he's an amazing defender, nor is he consistent with it.


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Like I said a long time ago, David Luiz is a liability and overrated, no one believed me then obviously, I was ridiculed, told I know nothing about football, even banned ffs, all because I saw waht other people could not. Look at pgs 15-16 if you don't believe me. I'll be expecting an apology soon.


I have never seen of someone so overrated, Hulk knows what I'm talking about...

You were right all along. Most of the rest of the forum (who apparently have first class info on all teams and players around the world - do not ask me how they do it) were wrong, and also, thanks to their strength in numbers felt the right to attack you. Has happened to me on numerous occasions.


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I stand by what I said on page 15 or 16, Luiz is still a stud and at Benfica he was awesome.

I've also stated that as a DM I do think he could be really effective there.

His football skill is top class and whilst its true his defending needs work, that comes only with experience and gaining knowledge.

But playing alongside Terry or Ivanovic does not suit his style. He needs a Pique or a Vidic or a Kompany beside him, who have are either strong or pacey.

Also Chelsea's game does not suit his style atm. IMO he made the wrong choice going to Chelsea, however when the time comes to replace Terry (which may be sooner than we think) Chelsea must think of a replacement who can also compliment Luiz, because if you do that you will create a monster of a player.

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