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  • Thanks a lot man. I except at least a spectacular match tonight. May football win at first !

    Good luck to you too.
    We can still hope that the Elves queen will accept Eragon to be a part of them and allow their marriage... Eragon and Arya!!
    dude don't say you don't know... Eragon hasn't yet captured the world! The King isn't dead yet, there's a 4th part of the series!!
    yeah, I really, really wanted them to get to be one too... but that's life!!
    BTW, I like Arya from my native language

    so when is the 4th part releasing?
    Thank you, I'm really glad you like my articles. I write for some other sites too. If you're on Twitter, do follow me @Manueltraquete, I'll follow back :)

    Yeah, they won't stop hating, but why should we care? We won yet another trophy. 12 in the Pep Guardiola era now. Visca el Barca!
    Thanks, it's great to know that. Do you comment or just read? If you comment, what's your username?

    And yeah, haters gonna hate. Arsenal fans care more about us than their own club, it seems. The hatred is only a sign that we're successful :)
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