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  • dalitis8 as XaviMessiGirl said i was trying to be helpful. The way you type puts people off reading your posts and causes them to make assumptions about your character and the type of person you are.
    Yes i said i think some of the things you post are nonsense but i also said i agree with some things you say. There won't be a single person on the forum my comment does not apply to. Can you honestly say you agree with absolutely everything some of the other posters say here? Nobody has the exact same opinions about everything, there will always be something you disagree about with anybody.

    The key reason however people are put off by you is humility, more specifically your lack there of. I even tried to give you what i thought was helpful advice both for you and other members reading what you've posted and all i received in return was a torrent of abuse and comments about my intellect... (<-- correct use of ellipsis)
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