David Luiz


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I think he can become important for Chelsea in the following years, but he needs to stop doing dirty tackles, because he was playing with fire against Man utd

Nice goal tough


buy of the season it looks like, already scored more than torres and hes a defender :D


His game yesteday was overrated,he had one of the best full debuts I have seen in my life against Bolton but he was not good yesterday,Chicarito,Rooney and Nani targeted him and continued to drag him out of position and he left Terry naked many times(and thats why I think it will be better for Chelsea to play with 3 at the back or at least provide him with a well definded DMF to cover him when he goes forward),He is so reckless and it looks that he is yet to understand the game of chelsea and the pace of the english game
He will improve and considering the fact that Ramires was looking like a 10 years old kid playing with men in his first season and now he is Chelsea's best player,the idea of Luiz next season with Chelsea is frightning,he also showed a few nice touches and his reading of the game is very good so we will see what will happen next season and what a technique to score the goal,some forwards may struggle to score such a goal but actually someone has to tell me what was he doing there as a CB?!
I agree with everything you said, except for the why is up there part. Barça do it all the time with Piqué, when we need a goal. Honestly, I didn't watch the whole game so I don't remember everything.

I know this is the David Luiz thread, but whatever I've had my eye on him and was hoping FCB made a bid for him. Anyway, who do you think Barça should buy to cover some defensive shortcomings, ie a centerback, since Milito is probably leaving soon?


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I have never liked a Chelsea player as much as David Luiz. What a character.


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HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's such a champion, love that guy. It'll be even better when he can speak English well so we can hear him talk shit in interviews as well as do silly things.

You wanna know what goes through his mind? Not much other than just wanting to be a fool in front of the camera. I do the exact same things, it's all bout being a fool for laughs. :D

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