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  • I wondered where you went! yeah nice to see you here man, i think i'm following you on twitter actually but i don't go on much, i'll drop you a line or two soon. good to see you back Mido!
    Like i said in SM Vucinic is worth more then Ramiries, paying you 5m would be illogical. Why not just a straight swap?
    You have lost two games and drawn one. Even if you win 3 times now..... you will have to be amongst the 2 best placed numbers 2. And some of the numbers 2 out there already have 7 points.
    If it just was a draw nothing would have been wrong :S Then 2 wins would be enough to qualify. Now you will have to win against South Africa and hope they either draw twice or lose once. It just sucks.
    Why did he bench Zidan, Aboutrika and Gedo? :S

    How can you have a decent chance? You need to finish first and you are 6 points behind with 3 games to go. Do you think South Africa will drop points vs Sierra Leone or Niger? :S
    .................................... what a disappointment

    It's sad that the winner of the last 3 African Cups won't even go to the next edition :(
    Egypt is better in the first half but you need a goal.

    I am so passionate lol. Everytime Egypt wasted a chance I hit my fist on the table and held my hands in front of my head in frustration etc. xD
    It will be at Ellis Park I heard. Dunno if that is true but wikipedia says it.

    The problem is that there will be no place for Van der Vaart if we play with both Van Bommel and De Jong, he must play central and not as a winger. Van der Vaart is actually playing as a playmaker from the CM spot next to De Jong atm. Sneijder is further ahead on the pitch. But the players change positions all the time, confusing the opponents. I saw Sneijder on the wing, Van der Vaart as AM, Afellay as AM, Van Persie as RW, Kuijt as CF etc. Our players are not fixed on positions. I think Van der Vaart can play in any midfield role except pure DM.
    It's like Spain Euro 2008, they used 3 offensive midfielders and 1 DM (Senna) De Jong/Van Bommel is our Senna here. Sneijder and Van der Vaart are our Xavi and Iniesta and Afellay/Robben our Silva.

    Going to McDonalds now, ttyl.
    Yeah Spain deserved it.

    I do not think we need both De Jong AND Van Bommel on the pitch. We only need one of them. Barça also plays with only Sergio as a defensive midfielder. We just need to keep possession, but we can get raped by Spain or Germany that way perhaps. I don't know what to do in the big games.

    What time will the game vs South Africa start? Some sources say 16:00 others say 20:00 :(
    Just tell me the Egyptian time so I can know what time that is here.
    How could Zamalek lose 4-2 :S They are much better than that Tunisian team. Ahly and Zamalek are simply the best teams in Africa but for some reason it doesn't always come out in the Champion's League.

    World Cup 1990 was horrible. We all expected to win the World Cup. We had a even better team than in 1988. But the players wanted Johan Cruijff as the national team coach, which Rinus Michels blocked because he was afraid Cruijff would surpass him as best Dutch coach ever by winning the World Cup. Beenhakker came and the players didn't feel happy at all that tournament. I still believe that with Cruijff we'd have won that cup if we won against Germany.

    Well.... maybe he is too tactical sometimes. He always plays with Kuijt, even against shitty teams. He also has always loved his De Jong-van Bommel block, even when we needed more football in the team. I would always play with van der vaart instead of De Jong and Elia instead of Kuijt against small teams. Better for the spectators.
    +I think that in 1978 and 1988 we had like 3-4 star players and the rest were like "Servants" to them, in a supporting role. Right now we have Robben, Van Persie, Sneijder, van der Vaart, Elia, Afellay, Van der Wiel etc and the experience of Van Bommel. They are all class but the rest is not purely in a supportive role. The rest are able to play along in the high level the stars play. Even Pieters and Mathijsen look world class when they play in this team. Everyone helps each other and is not selfish, which is quite remarkable knowing that we have a lot of egos in the team.

    Thanks :) I think the team in 2012 will be further than in 2010. More experience, younger players like Afellay, Pieters, all 3 De Jongs, van der Wiel, Elia probably growing into world class too. But I fear Spain :(

    Good luck for you too in getting to the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Egypt has been gone for too long.
    Maybe it will be a gift instead of a curse. Players will for sure have had their rest. You of course have the fitness problem but aren't they professional enough to keep in shape?

    Yeah..... we did not even play well. We played on like 40% of our strength and still humiliated and destroyed Hungary. Hungary sucks so bad. Or are we simply that good? xD They tried to play Tika Taka style and succeeded on some moments so it was nice to see. Sneijder and Van der Vaart exchanged passes Xavi&Iniesta style, and Afellay can of course play like that too because he plays for Barça.

    I love the past teams of course, but I don't think you can say this team is less good than one of the other teams. Playing styles and World football change constantly. Other teams play different etc.
    Good luck tomorrow man with the crucial match against South Africa. I will be watching too :)
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