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  • Half of the team should quit if you look at their ages :lol: And our best young hope, Lauri Dalla Valle ( or something like that ), is thinking about playing for Italy. Great.
    That reaction is a complete opposite of the Finnish NT :lol: People are like "Are you kidding me? Didn't they quit already?"
    I was thinking that maybe you knew the ticket prize since I can't find it :lol: I'm thinking about going to see the match ( mostly for the Dutch NT :D ).
    Yeah, you'll destroy us lost.
    Hey :wave: Just a quick question: were you going to the Finland vs. Holland match for the Euro Cup in the Summer? And if you are, how much did/will the ticket cost?
    Yeah, I put effort into it studying because I want to get to go to a good uni. But my effort is usually a 3 or 4 day crash course on the subject :D
    You had a deja vu of me saying something to you which I never said? Wtf? :lol:
    My highest mark this school year is a 10 which I got from English :D My lowest has been a 9- I think. I'm such a nerd without being a nerd.
    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey :D
    Life's OK. Last week was horrible for many reasons but nothing too serious. How about you? Did you ace your test?
    I have an iPod Touch so I just lay in bed ( my parents make me go to be also ) and go on to the internet on it :D
    I tend to have problems to sleep so that's why I stay up so late ( + football ends at midnight sometimes ). Hopefully your test went OK!
    Maybe we should use this. People will get mad at us or maybe we can start a new thread just for our chats =D
    i hate cairo's traffic big time,from my home to univ should take 20 minutes,it takes one hour,btw can you pm your msn to me?
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