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  • I think Sky News have gone mad. I was reading Sky News sports and there are these things called player ratings. The ratings come from the journalists ( and fans ). I go to Messi's page and his rating is 5.0-"below average" :lol: I hope that just means that they haven't rated him yet...
    Figured it out. There's an extra key for them which isn't on this :(
    That's because Porokara is too awesome to be on YouTube ;) :D
    No, they're marked on them, but my laptop is bought from aboard so I guess I just have to push every button to find them :lol:
    Don't worry about posting twice, it happens.
    I have to find the "bigger than" and "smaller than" signs on my keyboard...
    Sefki Kuqi is going to Newcastle apparently :D Thanks Andy Carroll!
    My reactions are pretty funny at times :)
    Do you mean my reaction was priceless or the score?
    POROKARA! :worthy: Watch out Holland... you're going to loooooooooooose!
    I didn't watch the whole match... wait, I'll check from a news site... WE DID!! Oh my God. Porokara FTW!!
    When did that thing happen with the woman? Sounds familiar, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing.
    Why? Because I seriously don't want to go to war. I want to be able to go out without being shot. Besides, if there comes one, I won't be able to make my Spain/Italy trip :D
    Yes, I was amazing in WW II :D
    Pessimism alert(!!): hopefully there isn't going to be a 3rd one.
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