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  • Why aren't the under-21's/20's/... championships shown on TV?! I'd love to watch them.
    I found a new Finnish footballer, Carl Jenkinson, who signed for Arsenal today. He's born in England, but has decided to represent Finland (his mum is Finnish). He was in the Finnish news today.

    I'm glad you're doing better :)
    I had to delete some of your messages because my inbox was getting full :lol: :D
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Things in Finland are great (still busy but anyway)! We won the WC in ice hockey :D I'm still happy about it, lol.

    No, I didn't see Ajax become champions. You said stay away from the Dutch leauge... so I have :lol:
    How about you? Are you fine?
    Inderdaad, het niveau is om te huilen! Bekrompenheid ten top. Als ze erachter komen dat je een vrouw bent dan betekent dat dat je meteen niks meer weet over voetbal.
    Gezellig, nog een Nederlander op het forum :) ( Yay another Dutch person). Was voetbalzone zat met al dat Barca gehaat, dit bevalt me een stuk beter!
    If I've understood correctly, they're facing suspension because of fear that they won't be able to play the whole season with their current financial situation.
    The statue was sabotaged because Litmanen went from Lahti to Helsinki (HJK).
    Any controversies in the Netherlands?

    Did you watch the royal wedding? :D
    How many times do I have to tell you? We're going to beat you lot :D
    Seriously, one team, TamU, is facing suspension from the top division to the second one (or maybe they did already, I'm not sure), Litmanen's statue was sabotaged a bit and there has been/was an investigation about bribery which may lead(/did lead) to more suspensions.
    No problem, I understand. Personal things are personal.
    How was Greece? Did you enjoy the food?
    I have so many exams, that's why I haven't been on the forum so much, but other than that, I'm fine.
    Oh, and Finnish football has had some controversies in recent weeks.
    I am still optimistic but I want shehata to use some of the players he used recently like amr el solaya and to get the fucking defensive tactics out of his head
    even if we dont qualify as a first out of this group,we will do it as one of the best 2nd placed teams
    Zidan is not match fit and Geddo is always a supersub in hasan's system,dont know about treika but stupid decision to start with 8 defensive minded vs SA
    they will drop points but we need to improve,what a boring match anyway
    Fuck Shehata,horrible tactics
    I want him out now,we still have a decent chance if shehata is out,really past it,we need new blood
    its 20:00 here,just hope the game will be at one of awesome SA's Stadiums
    and I still think in tough matches you need both De Jong and Van Bommel together,they may have a similar style but Sneijder and VDV both love to play further on the pitch and Noone from them would function as a deeply plamaker
    I was shocked about el zamalek's result,I am a big ahly fan but I was really sad about the result,their defence was horrible in that games,they still have a chance and hopefully they will qualify and by the way the Tunisian teams are always tough,probably the best teams in Africa along with our teams
    you could have done better in 1990 indeed Michels and Cryuff are probably one of the best manager of all time and they could have done a better job,its really surprising that one of the best 2 teams in football history(1974 and 1988) never won the WC you really need some luck,you could have eevn won the last WC but Spain were more deserving IMO
    Marwijk is awesome tactican and always plays the chess battle,Kuyt may not be a fashionable player but he brings the hard work dimension,De Jong and Van Bommel are always important to give Sneijder the freedom he wants,I agree that VDV needs to play more though
    Egypt:I think the match is going to be tough,the players are not match fit,el ahly faced some week team from Sout Africa last week and played like shit despite winning 2-0,el zamalek got thrashed 4-2,I trust our team though and our players always rise at big matches so no worries
    The Netherlands:maybe you are true the team of Neskeens and Cruyff was probably based on individuals,the team of the 1988 maybe more of of a team,I watched recently your games vs us in the world cup 1990 the 1-1 games,your team then disappointed after the Euro success was awesome to see Van Basten and Gullit vs our players
    I really like the current team,van Marwijk is an awesome tactican and you have some good players,wesley is my favourite dutch at the moment but I also like Robben,Wiel,Persie,Euro 2012 will be tough,I think the biggest threat will be from Germany not from Spain but lets wait and see
    really?nice,would be a hard match since there was no football after the revolution and this is the first game for some of our players except el ahly and zamalek who played in the CL,I think it will be a draw but shall be interesting game
    anyway I watched the highlights for your game and congs for the win,didnt tell you before that the Netherlands are probably my favourite national team,really love your ex players,Cryuff,Van Basten,Bergkamp,Gullit are probably one of my favourite players of all time,the current team is not as good as the 1978,1974 and the 1988 one but still good
    good luck in Euro 2012
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