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    Dude, I just realized who the greatest manager ever is. Check wikipedia for the Finnish NT and click the "Managers" section and there you'll find Olli Huttunen. He's got a 100% winning record with us + we had our shared biggest win while he was the manager!!
    Yeah, but most don't probably know that since they don't talk to you all the time.
    Well, you did have some not so nice words about Arsenal. You were in the heat of the moment. That's why, I keep my laptop away from me :D
    My hometown is pretty nice too :D
    Are you going to be at the match chat today or are you doing something else?
    Hmmm... Maastricht. Maybe I'll visit there too :)
    From one thing to another, Litmanen is probably going to be still playing when he's 50.
    Yeah, I've got this whole trip around Europe where I don't go to the "tourist hotspots" planned when I turn 21... it's going to be epic.
    I want to see Holland but I haven't which sucks. Someday I will!
    The lounges at Schiphol are nice :D
    Yeah I do, because of my dad's work we travel. We use KML so Schiphol is a stop-over everytime.
    Never been out of the airport :( Boooooooooo!!
    Yeah, I've been at Schiphol multiple times, about 10 times, I'm not sure. The first time I got lost for a bit :D
    Hahahah!! Epic fail at my Dutch :lol: It was supposed to mean "I got lost at Schiphol". Good thing people know English :D
    Hi, I asked you some questions in the talk show thread :) Looking forward to your anwsers ( to my boring questions :lol: ).
    Oh and Litmanen did turn 40 yesterday ( Saturday ) :D
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