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They are a wildly entertaining team, Femeni truly play the football the men's team are aspiring to reach

It was tight early, thought RM's pressing was very good for the initial half hour. Took awhile for Barca to get into any passing rhythm. So many incredible players, difficult to single out one player but often it's down to either Aitana or CGH. Aitana edges it today for me but CGH her equal - the first goal involved both but catalyst definitively Bonmati.

They show a lot of Aitana's training vids online - hope she is maintaining a balanced diet because she looks more svelte than usual.

Salma such a difficult player to contain, could've easily had a hattrick today. Mapi is probably the best passing central defender in women's game - that left foot is precise & powerful

Pina one of my favorite younger players, on less than a minute and pulls a croqueta on edge of RM's box. To think some of their biggest talents weren't even available today in Alexia, Paredes & Rolfo or Oshoala who never got off the bench

Clasico not the same shine as in the men's game because frankly RM are not in Barca's league in terms of football - Atletico are a closer footballing rivalry in terms of intensity & quality


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The Supreme Court has agreed with Real Madrid in its legal dispute with the Madrid CFF over the registration of its trademark. "The appeal must be considered for the understanding that the trademark applied for [Madrid CFF] is incompatible with the notorious brands opposed by the recurring companies [Real Madrid]," the contentious chamber in its judgment, dated 11-7-23, according to the newspaper As.

This dispute over the brand began in 2020, when the women's Real Madrid was born after the absorption of CD Tacon. At that time, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office denied the registration of the Madrid CFF brand to the Club Deportivo Elemental Madrid Club de Fútbol Femenino. That caused this club, founded in 2010, to take that decision to justice. Already in May 2022, the High Court of Madrid, which overturned the decision of the Patent Office because "there was no dominant, phonetic or graphic similarity between the badges in competition."
Faced with that decision, Real Madrid appealed to the Supreme Court, which has now ruled in favor of the club chaired by Florentino Pérez. "There is no doubt that the Real Madrid or Madrid brand in the field of sports clubs or for sports activity in general and special for soccer and basketball enjoys a deep-rooted international renown," the magistrates claim.
The Supreme Court understands that there is a risk of confusion for the consumer when purchasing a product from one or the other club. "The criterion on the risk of confusion and association with the notorious signs must be more rigorous, since the extensive knowledge of the notorious brands by the consumer public can cause relatively different signs to be nevertheless confused or associated with them, precisely because of their wide dissemination and knowledge," say the magistrates.


Cunt decision. Madrid CFF can no longer be called Madrid CFF.


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Exactly. Real Madrid is a brand that does/did not even exist in women's football before Florentino discovered women can leave the kitchen in 2019.

This is what happens when you have judges with no backbone.


The issue that the judgement mostly decides to is the confusion of the trademark. Madrid CFF did themselves no favours by basically copying the Real Madrid brand colours for their kits. They should have built their own brand identity under the Madrid CFF name.

But they probably shouldn't have lost their name.

But if they played in blue or green for example, it probably wouldn't have reached this verdict nor would Madrid have (probably) taken it to court.

Amateur hour all around at the Madrid Comedy Club.
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Spain lost 3-2 against Italy. Started 2nd half with only 10 players and conceded a goal.

Spanish football is really ran by incompetent idiots.

Spain started the second half with 10 players. Athenea and Aitana Bonmatí had stayed in the dressing room, but only Lucía García came out on the pitch – and she did so in extremis, putting on her shirt at the time of the opening whistle and with her boots untied. The second player to enter the field, Esther González, did so after conceding the first goal and without warming up.

"At half-time we made the substitution of Athenea for Lucía and then when we were going to enter the second half Aitana warned us with little time that she could not continue. That's why we don't have time for Esther to warm up and get into the game, that's why we started with one player less," Tomé explained in a press conference. A version that, however, does not agree with what Athenea del Castillo said - the only one along with Tere Abelleira to attend the media after the defeat - in the mixed zone of Pasarón: "He said the changes as soon as the talk began, it must have been a miscalculation, I couldn't tell you. It's something we have to learn from because it can't be repeated."

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