Women's football


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Which team is top atm.? USA, Sweden and Germany were up there few years ago when I kept some track.
In the meantime little video. Girls can get tough too, check out this no. 15!



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Germany are the current World cup Champions & just won Euro '09 ...I suppose they are the best right now.

And, i did watch that video...Pretty nasty. She is suspended from the remainder of the season i believe.


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Norway and Brazil r good too, and women footie is also very popular in China and South Korea.

Didn't see much of it but was watching couple of US-Brazil matches at World Cup 2007 and Olimpics 2008 and noticed US goalie Hope Solo, it's interesting that she started as a great striker, then ended goalie and since i like goalies here u go, enjoy :)



There is also one more blondie, young and talented, damn can't remember her name now, i know she is half american half brazilian playing in US if am correct, maybe somebody d know more :)


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that bitch was psycho, refreshing to know i could walk into any of those teams tho :)

and showering would be just swell.


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ahahhahaha, its not fair, i did less than half of what she did and got a red, she only got a yellow in that game


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how is that creepy?? that is sick if you are implying anything about me coaching young girls

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