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Well done ladies, another trophy in the bag.. Never thought I'd say this but honestly I enjoy more watching female Barca than male recently..


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Barca Femeni has been amazing to watch as a spectator. They are absolutely dominating the competition. It would be a disappointment if they don't repeat for the CL. Phenomenal team, lot more entertaining to watch than the men's team.


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This team is well put together with a great coach to top it off.

A lot of ballers in this team and they go into games and won't let up until it's done.

Tbf Levante could be up 2-0 within 5 minutes. After we scored it was all Barca.

This team is just so stacked. We're not even missing elite players like Alexia, Mapi and Fridolina.

Caroline is the best winger in the world but still overlooked by "experts".

Aitana just being Aitana, nice goal and two brilliant assists.

Salma doing fine as a striker and Engen developing into a good CB to cover for all the injuries.

Ona is a fantastic signing, good we have her with Rolfo out and next season will probably play RB with Lucy likely leaving.

Shame that Giraldez is leaving but hopefully we'll find a good coach to replace him.



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Pere Romeu is the favorite to replace Giraldez.

As was the case with Lluís Cortés and Jonatan Giráldez himself, the solution lies at home. And according to Relevo, there is one name that has been gaining strength in recent weeks: Pere Romeu. Barca's third coach would be the best positioned to fill the vacancy. In addition, he would have the approval of the dressing room, who see in him an option for guarantees and a future.

When Jonatan Giráldez signed for Barça, he turned to him to form his team and he accepted the challenge of helping manage the best team in the world. Prior to that, Pere Romeu had been part of the Blaugrana's men's youth team for three seasons.

It was Sergi Milà's second during his time in the Cadet, both in A and B. In fact, he was one of those responsible for the training of players like Gavi. So he already has experience in the development of young stars of the world.



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Marta Torrejon renewed until 2025.

Looks like Oshoala will be sold to NWSL. Her role has diminished and contract is up in summer so if can get some money for her it's understandable decision.

6-0 win against Betis today despite playing mostly with backups. Great to see Bruna scoring her first goal in more than a year after dealing with lot of injuries. Vicky showing her talent too and Caroline with another banger.

Jonatan Giráldez started with the youngest starting eleven of the season, with an average age of 23.4, ahead of the elevens against Costa Adeje Tenerife, in Liga F, and against Fundación Alba, in the Cup. In both cases, the average age was not 24 years.

Three players under the age of twenty - Vicky López (17), Lucía Corrales (18) and Martina Fernández (19) - and four between the ages of twenty and twenty-two - Esmee Brugts (20), Bruna Vilamala (21), Claudia Pina (22) and Cata Coll (22) - started the game.

The goalkeeper barely had any work to do and Martina and Corrales put in an excellent performance, both in defence and in the build-up. Bruna scored the first goal of the match, Brugts added a goal and an assist, Pina made two assists -

The youngest member of the team was named MVP of the match. She scored Barça's fourth goal before the break. A trademark 'golazo' from the edge of the area. And she stood out for her recoveries. She didn't give up on a ball.

In fact, Vicky López already surpasses last season's records – her first – with the first team. To date, she has three goals and an assist in 542 minutes played (16 games, 5 starts; data of @linaxdiablo in 'X'), for the two goals in the 540 minutes she plays


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Oshoala sold to Bay FC for around 150k. Not bad.

Sandra Panos announced she's leaving in summer when her contract expires. Was kind of expecting this. She's sharing minutes with Cata Col so probably not happy with that and we've reportedly signed Ellie Roebuck from City. Wouldn't be surprised to see Lucy Bronze leaving too and go with further youth movement.

Also, no news about Alexia's renewal which means she's considering leaving too.

Oh, and we drew away vs Benfica 4-4 in last group stage game. Led 2-0 and 3-2 but then needed a last minute header by Bronze to at least get a point. Credit to Benfica though, their GK saved liked 4-5 goals and that backheel assist for their 3rd goal was great too.



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We've scored 401 goals in 78 games played at Estadi Johan Cruyff. In average 5,1 goals/game.

OTOH we only conceded 26 goals.

Incredible numbers.


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CL draw starts in around two hours. Our possible opponents in quarterfinal are Ajax, Brann (Norway) and Hacken (Sweden).



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Road to Bilbao: Quarter-final and semi-final ties


First legs:

Tuesday 19 March
Ajax vs Chelsea (18:45)
Benfica vs Lyon (21:00)

Wednesday 20 March
Häcken vs Paris Saint-Germain (18:45)
Brann vs Barcelona (21:00)

Second legs:

Wednesday 27 March
Lyon vs Benfica (18:45)
Chelsea vs Ajax (21:00)

Thursday 28 March
Barcelona vs Brann (18:45)
Paris Saint-Germain vs Häcken (21:00)

All times CET

Semi-finals (20/21 & 27/28 April)

1: Brann/Barcelona vs Ajax/Chelsea
2: Benfica/Lyon vs Häcken/Paris Saint-Germain

Final (25 May, San Mamés, Bilbao)

Winner semi-final 1 vs Winner semi-final 2

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