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I like Wesley...I liked him before RM with Oranje, liked him even at RM but like him more again now at Inter...Still, Wesley is most dangerous against Barca from set pieces, at this point, IMHO...In the flow of the match, Barca have neutralized him on almost every occasion to perfection...For me, Yaya does a great job of keeping him in his pocket

Inter need him to be unlocked to be consistently dangerous against Barca which will involve what kind of pressure they can muster from the front 3 and their two holding mids...Otherwise, he iwll go anonymous

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This guy.

This guy needs to be contained.

Side note: FCBarca... your avatar reminds me of Jack in the shining.


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Sneijder suffers muscle strain

Sneijder suffers muscle strain

MILAN - Wesley Sneijder underwent medical tests after leaving the pitch at the end of the first half against Atalanta. He has been diagnosed with a strain of the rectus femoris muscle in his left leg.

The Dutch midfielder's fitness will be assessed in the next 48 hours.


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He will play, but he might not be 100% match fit which could end up working to our advantage. Also Zanela i agree with you in that Xavi is playing in a league of his own, but Sneijder is comfortably a better midfielder than Lampard. Different player to Cesc... Sneijder is very much in his prime atm while Cesc isn't so it's difficult to compare.


Hope he does not play since Andres is not playing...fair and square.

He is one of the best in the world.But Cesc is better,not so much pace or venom as Wesley,but more cerebral and more complete.

Cesc rulezzzzz.One of the very best in the world.

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