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  • It was mentioned in the Spain international thread...

    First gets mentioned on p. 33 and continues onto the next page.
    So, online I buy from a few different places...One, you can always purchase from the club site, of course...Two, kitbag, eurosport & subside are all sites that I trust and have legit merchandise.

    You can always ebay it too and get replica kits etc.

    As for flags or scarves at Nike Town, no idea really...Their stock is always pretty meager, IMHO
    Mexico :D

    And I like Barcelona for the way they do things :) The opposite to Madrid ;)
    Because, you mentioned you were excited to see JDS vs Bilbao.

    lol Nevermind ;)
    I'm from Kosovo which is in Europe but I stay late up.
    Check the other topic man, not Cultural vs FCB that's the away game that ended 2-0 ;)
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