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  • To be honest, that was suppsoed to be a sarcastic joke. I'm fully aware that the problem won't solve itself, nor will sweeping it under the mattress do any good. The use contributing to this forum are, indeed, a fraction of how people behave in the real world, thus mirroring the ugly reality of how a good number of people behave.

    However, I do believe that we can steer discussion towards a certain way and maybe thus create a new norm or principle of what would be acceptable in certain circumstances. I think I henceforth will try to stick to the match thread instead of the chat, as the latter seems to be flooded with idiocy and naïve banter. And, unforunately, unless discussing the issue through with the mods, the situation will remain as it is.
    Pete: Can't we just create our own sub-forum, cos 90% of the users just went from being vapid to being complete turkeys. Jesus, my eyes hurt.
    hey beefy how u been..haven't seen u on the forums lately. Everything ok? We miss your input!
    I was waiting for a cool vv picture to come along..and it seems like i found it. I had the eto'o one for too long. Maybe 3 seasons.. Thought it was time for a change. What do u think of it?
    Szia!! Jujj, annyira jóóó hogy találtam egy másik magyart:D:D Ja, és mekkora jó lenne már ha kijutnánk... Bár a neheze még csak most jön majd, de legyünk pozitívak:D
    De te Magyarországon is élsz? Mert nem az van írva a location-ödhöz. Na szia, szurkolj h Iniesta meggyógyuljon a BL-döntőig:p:D
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