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Bendtner :lol:


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It's good for Serie A if they continue to advance in the CL, especially as I'm not even sure Milan will make it past the group stage Juve will probably end up the only representative later on.

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I like a strong Juve in Serie A anyway, hopefully will drive the other teams to improve & be on there level. i'm happy to see Juve back in the CL too tbh.



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Very good and compact team. Impressive.
Juve plays very well + solid defense.
Could be the surprise in the CL.


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Brazilian defender Lucio is now a free agent after his contract with Italian champions Juventus was terminated by mutual consent on Monday.


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So we are getting Llorente for free, how cool is that? Would have prefered Villa but Llorente is just fine. :)


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If you guys get Llorente you'll be scary indeed; Pirlo's long balls and the Spaniard's aerial ability... :not_i:


Barca would still beat you guys though. :pep:


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Last time I checked he was getting fit... :facepalm: :facepalm: What the hell was Juve thinking?

Bendtner presents an intriguing case really... He seems like such a great footballer playing for his country. I don't know what takes over him at club level, seems like a total different player

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