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There are reports that Fiorentina turned their attention to Bendtner, but Juve will get him too :lol:

Bad, bad Juve

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I really hope they "steal" Bendtner too, wasting money on him and his ego would be a disaster waiting to happen.


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Please do elaborate. Aren't they both deep lying forwards with a somewhat lazy attitude?

Hardly.. Berbatov is a number 9.. Vucinic is a lot more mobile , can play on the wings or behind the striker whatever the game require it.. Berba holds the ball well back to the goal while Vucinic don't play like that at all.. with a good second striker Juve can materialize on Berba really good
That's what Martin Jol did @ Spurs


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Is it safe to say that Berbatov just made history?

I mean, look at him:

1) He got on the plane for Florence

2) He got a call from Juve, so he snubbed Fiorentina for Juve

3) Hours later he snubbed Juve for Fulham

and all of this stuff in just one day :lol:

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They lost to Napoli in the Copa, but in terms of the league it's 42 games unbeaten or something ridiculous like that, i thought they would get beat over the weekend though, they were defensively so poor which i haven't seen for a long time.

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