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Best midfield combination so far this season is Bernal-Garrido-Moha. Seems to bring out the best of Garrido too, and actually looks like a player compared to last year.

Selfishly hope Casado gets more first team callups and stays in the A dynamic so this midfield continues.


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Watched the game, first time watching Barca B this year.
Was impressed by Cubarasi, he has good instincts. His passing could be improved though. Fort looks better than I remember.
Bernal is the reason I am watching this team, he has that quick decision making and good passing ability. Needs to be more assertive though in our own half whether on defense or attack. Doesn't show much for our CB and doesn't feel he wants the ball that deep, not dominant defensively either. Big talent but those are areas to improve.

Not a big fan of Darvish, he is great in those small dribbles to retain the ball, and he is amazing in attacking spaces in the box but otherwise a bit meh, Could develop into one of those scoring midfielders but so far he is a project. Don't expect him to be in 1st team dynamics this year unless he makes some developmental leaps.

Pocho looks improved, he might have a future in top division football

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