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""Alexis S?nchez and Angel Di Mar?a have offered themselves to Barcelona. However, as of today, it's difficult that they come.""Barcelona will not start negotiations with Chelsea over Marcos Alonso and Azpilicueta until they've sorted out a few departures.""You trust journalists too much. The times of Valverde and Bartomeu are gone. Now they take not old ones, but free ones. This is temporary, the main brake is the salary limit. But it will be corrected.


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Sport reporting we are interested in Shakhtar RB Dodo.

The bet of the technical secretariat for Dod? is included in the planning, still undefined, on the right side. The desired consensus reinforcement is C?sar Azpilicueta, who would have to be discharged from Chelsea . There is no short-term resolution. Meanwhile, Sergi?o Dest, in principle, is looking for a way out, given his disappointing performance, since he has not met the expectations created.

The good Dani Alves is about to renew. He has earned it by hand. Another issue that remains to be resolved is whether, in the end, he will stay the entire season, or there is the option that the footballer decides to leave in the winter market once he has played the World Cup in Qatar with the Sele?ao.


Another of todays Lord's blessing. First Roberto renewal. Now Alves is also close.

Praise be.


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Busi would never...

You ever watched this Andrey guy in a full game? Is he a pure DM or more box to box?

Weird because Lim and Laporta are really close.

Maybe that's why they first talked to us and after we rejected they offered him to other clubs. Maybe we should offer 15m now too and see what happens. Or 25m for Soler and Gaya.

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