5 - Iñigo Martínez


Best midfielder around
Not a massive fan of him in general, but he deserves some credit today. Very solid game.


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Not that I don't think he was ok but what exactly warranted Christiansen being benched. Or breaking up Araujo-Christiansen partnership.


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Underrated passing. How many chances has he created with his through- and long balls? Must have a few pre assists also counting the penalty Ferran received before int. break.


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Yeah said it before he and Christensen are level above the other CBs on the ball with Inigo having the best zinger pass and Christensen best at playing ball quickly into midfield.
When both are missing it has been a noticeable drop off on that side of it.
If Barca had a threat out wide left that could spread pitch to give RW more space his passes out there would be deadly.


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Inigo-Christensen is like a defensive partnership from a generation ago.

That season that Puyol went out of form and we performed with Marquez-Pique.


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Not the flashiest of players but does his job fine, kind of like Christensen. His passing is a big asset but we can't keep looking like clowns in defence.

Xavi needs to find his favourite (not Kounde) to pair with Araujo. I think either of Christensen or Iñigo will suffice, although Christensen is the one who should have that spot imo.


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Looks like he is back. Will help to stabilise defence. Didn't put a foot wrong whenever he played.
Also very good at bringing the ball forward.

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