5 - Iñigo Martínez


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Pitch conditions probably didn't help. Shouldn't play in this game imo.

Looks like a new Vermaelen to me. Plays well when fit but almost always injured.


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So far this season
-Played 12 played
-Missed 15 missed games through injury
-7 on bench. potentially recovering from injury.

Turns 33 in May. Should never have been signed on a 2 year contract and on such a high base wage.

Thanks Xavi.


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2 years was a fair deal for 32 years old good starting CB in Liga
His injury history was decent till his last season with Bilbao, was kind of worthy the risk tbh
Won't mind if we ditch him for Bilbao again and getting Hermoso as replacement.


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15 games missed so far this season.
24 last season
10 the year before.

Injuries seem to be mounting up since he hit his 30s. He has been good when he has played but salary way too high for 40% or so fitness rate.

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