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    Hey Zen, need the link. :) Thanks for doing this.
    Good question my "barcaforum" friend =) I just think that the signing of Ibra is getting more and more far fetched you know. It looks like this summers transfers are going to be a struggle for us. But I understand that, it's just like other teams would be after Iniesta, Messi or Alves. Zlatan, Ribery or Villa are very important players for them. The thing is, we are the best team in the world and only the best players are good enough for us. And we need 2 of them (if Eto'o also leaves that is) - 1 for left wing and 1 CF.
    Real Madrid has made a real mess of this. I know people say that we already have the best team and RM will not be able to build a team that could threaten us, but I'm not sure I agree. Not only are they after all the players we want, but they have also signed 2 'Ballon d'Or' players while we haven't signed any players yet. And Valencias announcement that they won't sell Villa irritates me as hell, cause' he is a superb player for the left wing if we can't get Ribery.
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