5 - Iñigo Martínez


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Bad game, but Araujo and Ter Stegen were also shit.

E.Garcia was shit 2 years, spanish Lenglet.

Can't be worse then him.

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Felix got that assist, but I think he deserves the credit. Kept playing high risks balls breaking the lines and one finally lead to a goal.

He is as good as any centre back in the world with the ball at his feet. Some of the passes he was zinging around effortlessly were absolute filth.

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We missed someone with his passing ability at LCB since Lenglet (if you know you know, the only thing Lenglet was truly good at was passing and breaking lines). Having a left-footer there makes a huge difference, passing angles and the way your body is positioned are just more natural and allow for quicker release of the ball.

We have four really good center-backs. We should try dropping Oriol for one of them


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He had a good game.

Inigo and Christensen are by far the best two CBs on the ball and looked vey balanced with them both being on natural side playing it out.

Balde/Araujo either side of them and those two from back are a good balance.

There are not too many top teams that have physical/pacey CFs that would worry Barca with those two at CB bar City.

Copy Pep and go best 1v1 defenders at full back and height across the back four with on CB stepping into DM to allow one CM to get forward.

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