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Haha talking about 'evidence' when claims like 'Gundo is limited by FDJ' is made.

That would be Gundo who with FDJ in team is having his best season in years stats wise.

FDJ was best midfielder under Xavi in his first season when on form.. was best midfielder last season before Xavi changed to double pivot. Was best player after Messi the season before under Koeman when no double pivot played..

Gavi is one of most dribbled players in league.. can point to instances of any DM 'just standing there' and players going past them...

Gavi is nowhere near him defensively and would be an absolute disaster if back there long term with no DM. There is a reason Barca have NEVER been in good form when Gavi is part of a midfield three or deeper.

The even bigger gap when it comes to on the ball.. Gavi struggles from deeper to get on it and advance the ball. He is just far and away the most limited mid on the ball both back there and at AM.
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The only Barca mid who has high Footy IQ in the final third and knows how to progress a final ball towards a striker. The other clueless sods should learn a thing or two from the Turkish German maestro.


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Frenkie and Pedri aren't providing enough attacking scenarios/pre-assists for him.

He needs to play as the highest midfielder. Great player.


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I have just watched the highlights again, this man's vision and runs into the box are top top level. I knew he is good but didnt expected from him to perform like that :worthy:


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Got into great positions and 2 really promising attempts by Gundogan but his decision making in the final third was terrible yesterday.

Very uncharacteristic of him because he's always calm and collected. Can happen to anyone though.

Just had an off day with his decision making. Still a quality player and deserves better support from his midfield partners.


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Most chances created for Barcelona this season.

İlkay Gündoğan - 100.
João Cancelo - 37.
Pedri - 35.
Raphinha - 35.
Lamine Yamal - 30.
Ferran Torres - 30.

Only Suarez debut season for Barca is comparable with Gundogans’ (in the last 15 years or so). But Suarez was playing with Messi and Neymar in the front line and Busquets, Iniesta and prime Rakitic behind him, plus Alves and prime Alba. Gundo on the other hand plays with Pedri next to him and Christensen/Romeu behind him, so I am much more impressed. Very underrated player. Third best midfielder for the last decade after Modric and Kroos. I cant wait to watch Kroos and Gundo at the Euros. Kimich and Kroos progressing the ball to the final third where Gundo and Musiala are waiting in between the lines sounds very bad for everybody who is gonna face Germany.

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