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  • Hey there, how goes?:wave: Your avatar's nice. Like very much. I'm sure your tied up, so don't worry. Take your time.:)

    Besos para ti, y un abrazo grande.

    No I haven't but i'd like to though! I have to admit that that part of Europe is like a big black hole in my "inner map". How's it like to live there?
    Yeah I agree, vikings are really cool. Where I live there's a lot of runestones and it's such an amazing feeling to stand there in front of those stones reading about adventures, lifes and deaths of people who lived in that time!

    But where do you live? I think I've read it somewhere but I've forgotten! :p
    I live close to Stockholm, so it's a bit more north up in the country. How come you were in Denmark? :) Sweden is much more beautiful than Denmark (hehe ;) ), but Norway is even more beautiful than Sweden, so if you'd ever get another opportunity to visit Scandinavia I would recomend those countries! :D
    It looks like a summer dream! Yeah I've thought about it lately.. have to find a good one though, something like yours would be perfect, i'd like it to be me in the avatar but not so that I can be identified if you see what I mean hehe.. Maybe I'll have to force a friend to take some pictures of me by our nearby lake or something. :D
    Hello petrinha!
    sorry for my late delay!
    of course whenever yu're coming to 5 terre,you are welcome for a coffee!:)
    no,I've never been to croatia,but I know is a very nice place with a beautiful sea!
    take care,cheers!
    hello petrinha!
    I live in 5 terre,do you know?northwest of italy between genoa and pisa!yes,we are close!:)
    yes,everybody speaks about the world cup,but I'haven't been supporting italy since 1994!!!!this year I'll support Spain!:)
    Its all good. Answer when you can. :D I just wanted to make sure because I had a few issues sending it.
    Just wondering if you got my last message. I had to send it twice because the first time it didn't let me.:)
    hello petrinha!
    how are you?where are you from?!?I'm italian yes!!!!I read you appreciate zlatan a lot ;) have you seen the other pics of him in miami?!?I was about to die!!!!lol!!!
    hello petrinha,
    are you brasilian?I love brasil,I've got may brasilian friends from sao paulo,manaus and porto alegre!!!
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