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  • Hey pretty Swede, yup am back ... well, u can see by quality of the posts if it's me or a clone ;)
    What's new with u?
    Hmmm, living here ... if u come here u d be surprised how we always cry we r poor while ppl dress like models driving great cars hehe so much snobism here and living on credit which i hate ... but overal it's not so terrible, our paychecks r bad but we have great educational system that we hardly pay for, quality food, one of the best sportsmen and beautiful country with 1200 islands, politicians suck and it's big rate of coruption but u cannot have all :)

    p.s. adorable profile pics, even better then mine ;)
    I have a friend at Yutland so was visiting him, but he came to pick me up in Copenhagen so we saw Zealand and Funen islands too, was pretty cool, esp the castles and viking remainings, but am sure Sweden has it more Vasa stuff, so id go there mostly coz of Vikings as love them :) Scandinavia was my dream like from ever (was secretly in love with Edberg in my teen years lol) but if i go again d like to see Norway too, d be cool ... always wanted to see more of the north but i always end in the south - Italy, Spain, Portugal etc ...
    I know :) I had a face pic in my avatar before but also like more far away ones, in sheadow etc, like it's me but stil nothing concrete can be seen :) Lake d be good idea ... btw where from Sweden r u? Always wanted to visit it, was in Denmark highest up the north, if i had more time d definiely take that bridge that connects Swe and Dk, next time :D
    Hej Jen, tnx :D Took it last weekend at the seaside ... btw, u should put up some avatar too as well :)
    Försvarare och ibland defensiv mittfältare. Jag har några svenska vänner, de har lärt mig svenska.
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