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  • Hi, am back :) How r u doing and have u been travelling since we last talked, Barca on anywhere else? :)

    Have a nice weekend !!!
    That's great, am so so jealous u going to Barca, need to go to some match there soon or i will blow up lol :) Have great great time !!!
    Btw, where do u live in Germany? I've been several times there mostly Bavaria(as i find King Ludwig my long lost soumlate lol so had to visit his castles few times) and Westfalen(have cousines in Aachen, so been to Koeln too few times) and surely Frankfurt due to transit ..
    And u, been around my area - central/eastern Europe lately?
    Welcome :)
    I am okay just kinda moody these days as temp fell like 15C and i just don't wanna accept the summer is almost over :(
    So, looking forward to your Barca trip? As i recall u travel pretty soon :D
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