Xavi Hernández


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He needs to learn from scratch. Become an assistant coach and than slowly work his way up. Xabi Alonso and Thiago Motta are doing it the right way. I still think both need another year before they manage big clubs but they have chosen the right path.

Not anymore. He has surpassed being an assistant with his experience in his Barca term.

Best thing for him would be to improve his management team for his next term though.

Better physical staff, his brother exiting as assistant. That would be my assumption.


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It’s amazing that such a creative player has zero ideas as a coach.

He might be fluent in Spanish but there’s no words for attacking patterns in his vocabulary.


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XAVI: "We dominated the match, we struggled to generate chances, but I'm very happy to have this result in a difficult stadium."


I actually would like Xavi to stop having "ideas" altogether. Playing Christensen in midfield at a cost of benching Gundogan... Just don't do that again, it's stupid.

Good thing he's leaving, almost cost us another 3 points. We can thank the referees who gifted us the softest penalty you'll see all season and allowed to take it TWICE.

Nobody knew what they were supposed to play, except maybe MATS. Even our most experienced midfielders FDJ and Gundo were clueless and useless. And instead of playing better in the second half after the shitshow in the first, we were even worse, lol.
Instead of subbing Yamal who was already a zombie at 60 minutes, he kept him on, risking strain and injury to a youngster who is an important player and one of our few bright sparks this season.

This is not a team, just a bunch of players wearing Barca shirts, and it's all down to Xavi. I don't see us getting through Napoli playing like this.


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Xavi: "Since I announced my departure, the team has won 10 points out of 12 and we have improved in defence. That was the goal, to play with less pressure."

As i said before, he is the worst at pre and post match interviews 😀 You didnt won 10 points bro, you lost 2 and could be more. These matches were against 11th, 12th, 17th and 19th in the table.

Thats Xavi main problem, he wants credit for some things that he doesnt deserve credit. And this leads to a point where he is not getting credit even when he deserves it. If he hadnt such an ego he would be able to continue his work in barca. He is not a bad coach.


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Xavi is like that super-entitled high maintenance chic who looks hideous without makeup on and is awful in bed too but has a massive chip on her shoulder and acts like she's the it girl.

Atleast the other high maintenance ones are hot and good in bed.

Get fucked, you Catalan Tony Pulis.


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Enlighten us. What did you see tonight that made you think he’s not a bad coach?
My opinion is not based on one match. He won the league last season with a style that was based on the qualities of the players he had, not making them play in some way that will expose them. This season he is failing - yes (i said he is not bad, not that he is great), but he introduced player like Yamal, who is the future of your club. He is respected by players and they give their all for him, making comebacks and scoring late winners almost every game. I dont think that will be the case with De Zerbi/Flick.

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