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He pulled a Messi. Get over it. Legends like Xavi and Messi can do what they want.
Messi pulled nothing, the club refused to let him go being idiots. Cashing in on old Messi wasn't that bad.

Unlike Busquets Pique Alba Roberto, he was more like Iniesta, never a total clown. Had his moments too in the past, his introvert nature was more unpredictable, but never a total clown
Staying after 8-2 shows that they have no fucking caracter and they gaved a fuck about Barca.

You said everyday you will go, after bottling all your objectives set you show you are a total clown and that it was just a tactic to not get fired, since the players refused to play anymore under you, IF YOU DON'T GO OUT. It shows why you aren't Pep but Van Gaal v2.
This is clinging boyfriend type of lies you will expect from teenagers. His brain is not mature, he isn't a man or at least a man from Central Europe where the word is a word. Maybe in Spain beeing a teen in your old days has no consequences.
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This ending to the season was pretty distasterly but there was a stretch of games midseason where we genuinely looked like a bottom league team and I have never said that before without a shred of exaggeration.
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