Xavi Hernandez


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Xavi is a footballing genius, he showed that on the pitch. He may well have genius ideas as a manager. However being a good manager isn't just about ideas, it's about getting people to believe in them and being able to convey them clearly.

The last two he clearly struggles with and based on evidence will not change. This isn't prime Barca in terms of personnel, but these lot are capable of much more than they're showing.

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Xaviball is just a redressed version of Valverde's sufferingball.

Embarassing to be on the backfoot for much of the game, especially against 10 men.


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Put a competent manager and we'd be sailing against these guys. Hell they started the game with a lot of their bench players and we were second best for large parts of the game. Dire coaching from Xavi.

This is demoralizing to watch
We have a wonderful squad with some exception of deadweight (Roberto) or done dudes (Lewa).
Give this squad to a WC attacking coach like Di Zerbi and we will be CL contenders

He has been given a ridiculous leeway that no other Barca manager had, just because of the 'legend' tag.
If Laporta was any serious about making Barca Barca again, he would have kicked him out long time ago


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Team is not well set up at all.

How can it be he cant see how much Romeu lacks.... only Xavi and usual on here think he was a good signing.


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Needs to get better decisions. Romeu is not starter material, Lamal can't be forced. Gavi should not play in offense, but compete for a sport in midfield with Gundogan and the rest of our midfielders.

Some adjustments are needed, but a win at Osasuna is always hard fought.

Can't afford screw-ups because Madrid are on a roll and seem more hungry this season. Atletico look better too. It's gonna be a close fight and we need to be in it to maybe clinch it later in the season.


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He is very defensive with his set ups.

Plays the way in complete opposite of game he talks.

First thought v ten man Osasuna is to sit and protect lead.. even at 1-0 it was the same.


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Our issue is the lack of depth in midfield

CDM has Frankie and Romeu only .. CM has one half Gundogan and no brain midfielder Gavi

This is Xavis biggest challenge and he needs to recruit and play a CDM from the B team or play the black LB we bought as a CDM

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