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We got one of the most "simple" groups in CL, if we don't go through Xavi should be fired the same evening. Imo we should start looking for a new coach anyway, Xavi not up for it...


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To be fair there would be a lot of managers who'd pick an established player over a 16 year old kid no matter what the "profile" is. Ferran, Abde, pretty easy and safe picks for that spot.

Of course it's mostly down to Dembele leaving and Raphinha being suspended but still some props to Xavi for actually playing Yamal there. No matter how talented It's not a given that a 16 year old gets to play instead of experienced 1st team players.

Not really.

EV, a coach notorious for NOT trusting youth, gave Ansu Fati minutes even starting spots.
Differential talent will play not matter if they are only 16 yrs old.
Far more needed to prove that he trusts the youth

The only coach the last many years that actually trusted the youth was Koeman


Professor Balthazar
His time is out... As a player he is a legend and I respect him immensely - but he sucks as a coach. #Xaviout


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We look clueless in possession. There's no clear plan in the final third other than pinging it from one side to the next. Everyime they bomb forward we look like giving up a goal.


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Its just ironic, we keep racking up the points, despite being pushed so hard every game by shitters.

This league isnt THAT bad. I think it's fair to say Xavi has found a good cheese for LaLiga.

The voodoo doesn't transfer to Europe sadly.

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